Gary Smith

Gary is one of our experienced workshop craftsmen. His main responsibilities in the workshop include; selecting suitable beams and boards for each individual order, machining timber ready for sanding and finishing, ensuring all woodworking machinery is maintained.

Connor Hood

As well as cutting and machining timber Connor is also responsible for overseeing the finishing and packaging stage of production ensuring orders leave to a consistent high standard.

David Pacitto

David is office manager. David is the first point of contact for all sales enquiries. David’s main responsibilities include: arranging deliveries, responding to e-mails, general sales aftercare, managing stock levels. David is also our fully qualified health and safety manager.

Dave Enderwick

Dave has been with the company for just under a year now and is a valued team member. Dave main responsibilities include; sanding beams ready for finishing, loading and off-loading timber and machining timber.

Ellis Young

Ellis has two of the most important jobs in the process; finishing items ready for delivery. Ellis makes sure each and every item that leaves our workshop looks beautiful. Ellis is also responsibly for packaging ensuring that everything gets to our customers in one piece.

Freddie Armstrong

Freddie is managing director. Responsible for generally running of the business including managing stock levels, ensuring timber sourced is exceptional quality, managing social media accounts and helping out wherever needed.