One of the fundamental decisions that needs to be made when you buy a new shelf for your home is knowing and understanding what look you are aiming to achieve. There are various materials you can choose from, you could choose a natural looking Oak Shelf, Glass, plastic or metal material.  Considering you are on Traditional Beams it would suggest you have made that first decision!

Ensuring you can get the right size shape and profile you are after is also an important part of getting you the right Oak Shelf.  With a wide variety of shapes, styles and finishes Traditional Beams can help you.  They are able to create a number of lengths ranging from 12 through to 84″ with shelf depths being available in both 8 or 10″ profiles, you can even choose between a round edge or a square edge to give you either a warm or clean cut style to your room.


Fixing Kit

There is one last important characteristic of a shelf, this is to ensure it can hold what you want to put on it, so fixing it to the wall must be considered! Traditional Beams have created a bespoke fixing system which has been designed to be incorporated within the structure of their Oak Shelf range. In all intense and purposes this system not only enables the shelf to have a floating appearance, it also allows the shelf to fit flush to the wall, neatly and cleanly giving the aesthetic appearance and style you are after, whilst holding its strength properties enabling you to use your Oak Shelf for what it was meant for!


Traditional Beams fixing system will comfortably hold a load of 30Kg, This will mean that photo frames, vases and even books can be placed on the floating shelf.  With the ability to secure your Oak Shelf to many wall types we believe this makes our Oak Shelves market leading products.


Oak shelf fitting kit

Your Oak Shelf Delivery

We aim to deliver all of our products within a 5 day window which means within a week you could have your new Oak Shelf installed be it over the fireplace, in the hallway, bedroom or bathroom! It will be there for all to see and you to utilise as you dreamt.

For More information regarding any of our oak shelves then please feel free to get in touch by calling us on 01287 348040 or by completing our quick contact form if that is more convenient.  We have a range of products listed on our website but are happy to talk about variations or any additional needs you may have for household wooden furniture or fixings.