Traditional Beams specialise in all things wood related, from handmade furniture to fireplace beams, floating shelves to wood finishing products. Firewood is just another of the many fantastic products we offer here via our online store.

When it comes to wood, we have the answers to all your questions. If you are in the market for firewood in particular, you should find everything you need below.

Give your Fire the Essential Fuel it needs using Quality Firewood

It’s common knowledge that fires require fuel to keep them alight, whether that be gas, wood or any other flammable substance. If you have a fire at home or in the garden, it’s a wise idea to invest in quality wood to ensure your fire never dies. Not literally of course.

There’s not many finer woods in the world than solid oak, and we hate to see any go to waste. When we produce beams, shelves and other pieces of furniture we are often left with chunky off cuts, perfect for fuelling a fire that you might have at home or in the garden. As a company that cares about its customers, we purposely brush these off cuts to one side and use them to compile bags of firewood.

Which Firewood is Best?

There’s always been a huge debate over which wood burns the best. Some say Ash or Beech, others say Rowan or Thorn, although some of these aren’t as easy to come by. Oak is a good wood to use for your fire as it has excellent density. Oak firewood produces a small flame and a very slow burn and is simply perfect for your fire at home. 

It’s a wise idea to keep your firewood as dry as possible so that it burns better. Make sure you have a dry place to store your firewood to ensure you are getting maximum efficiency from your fire. The drier the wood, the better the heat output will be.

Searching for Wood for Fires?

If you are looking for firewood, please take the time to view our product range. Get in touch to ask any questions. One of our friendly team will gladly assist you.

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